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New Cars at Auto Stiel
We have the best selection of used cars in Macedonia, at Auto Stiel salon we have a huge inventory of used and exclusive cars.

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WHo ARE WE and what we offer

Today's dynamic life requires quick movement in order to achieve and carry out daily duties. On the other hand the dynamics of urban generation, today urban way of life requires a car as the only option to reach all the things in time. Therefore, for being in step and ready to face the pace of the dynamic life, you need to address a trusted auto saloon.

If you are worrying where to buy a car, the dimensions that suits you, then the only destination is Auto Stiel , automobile saloon where you can find a car that's looking and attractive terms for all customers. Auto Stiel offers cars imported from other states, with high quality and of many multiple versions, which can have many ways that will surprise you and will achieve your objective of fulfilling all requirements.

Auto Stiel is company with short history but big successes!

Auto Stiel already has a long experience and fame of 12 years in importing cars from other countries in our country has achieved to comply with all the qualities that characterize an autosalon. Cars we offer are mostly new, convenient and ideal for driving, this has proven the belief that our customers have earned concerning the quality guaranteed by us.

For other details remains only directly visit the models we offer. We have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs. Besides the mentioned qualities, Auto Stiel eases the way of payment to its customers.

Cars we offer are mostly new and ideal for driving

If for some reason you are unable to buy the vehicle with cash, then Auto Stiel in conjunction with all existing banks in the region, is able to purchase cars with loans. Validate our offerings, which make different from others. Choose a car at Auto Stiel and meet your lifestyle.

The common use and suitability to have the car of your dreams, reminds us that the possibility of bidding that Auto Stiel offers. For our clients is a new chapter of opportunity to purchase the vehicle the easiest and fastest way. We invite you to come and to be convinced!